Price: 50 tokens

1 Structure Paint token is added to the database, and is associated with your Steam 64ID.

  • /??? - Shows your token balance. (COMING SOON)
  • /ssc region:0-5 color:0-25 optional:range - Lets you color the same structures in range for 15 minutes. Range is measured in foundations.
  • /dupesc - Structure color dupe command, uses structure tokens and dupes target structures colors to all structures of same type in range.

Example: /ssc 1 15 25

This service/shop pack is exclusive to our ARK: Survival Evolved servers.

Please note that some structures do not have a complete list of regions. Below is a list of color IDs that can be used.
0 //Black
1 //Red
2 //Blue
3 //Green
4 //Yellow
5 //Cyan
6 //Magenta
7 //Pink
8 //White
9 //Orange
10 //Purple
11 //Royalty
12 //Brick
13 //Brown
14 //Navy
15 //Silver
16 //Sky
17 //Cauntalope
18 //Forest
19 //Slate
20 //Parchment
21 //Olive
22 //Mud
23 //Tangerine
24 //Mud
25 //Tan

Only deliverable on the Nycta - ASE PVE cluster!
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