Price: 25 tokens

1 Tame Paint token is added to the database, and is associated with your Steam 64ID. This is the paid variant of the Tame Paint Token shop that is purchasable via web tokens.

  • /??? - Shows your token balance. (COMING SOON)
  • /sic 0-5 0-25 - Uses 1 token from your balance and colors the regions of items in your inventory or the storage unit you are looking at.

Example: /sic 0 3

Once activated, you have 15 minutes to complete the paint job before you need to spend another token.

This service/shop pack is exclusive to our ARK: Survival Evolved servers.

Please note that some items do not have a complete list of regions. Below is a list of color IDs that can be used.
0 //Black
1 //Red
2 //Blue
3 //Green
4 //Yellow
5 //Cyan
6 //Magenta
7 //Pink
8 //White
9 //Orange
10 //Purple
11 //Royalty
12 //Brick
13 //Brown
14 //Navy
15 //Silver
16 //Sky
17 //Cauntalope
18 //Forest
19 //Slate
20 //Parchment
21 //Olive
22 //Mud
23 //Tangerine
24 //Mud
25 //Tan

Only deliverable on the Nycta - ASE PVE cluster!
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When do I get it?

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