Isla Nycta's owners have been hosting ARK servers since 2016, and we officially started our branding in 2018. Since then, the franchise of Isla Nycta's gaming community has grown to a Discord of over 50,000+ members, and numerous servers across different games. 

Our ARK servers have likewise expanded immensely since our very first Ragnarok server. We now support the majority of the most favorited of ARK maps, with the gameplay carefully configured for balance and fairness, without completely stripping away the challenge. 

Thanks to our community donators and hosts, we've been able to invest in premium plugins and tools to allow us to make the servers the best as they can be, and offer a little something to everyone. 

For the latest news and updates, please join us in our Discord for all the latest and greatest with Isla Nycta! 

Part of the Isla Nycta franchise, our Discord boasts a population of over 50,000 members! Within the Ark community of Nycta, we've retained and entertained players who have been with us for years, and are always welcoming new players to the clusters.

Our servers are hosted on our own dedicated machines - we refuse to limit ourselves with the lackluster quality you'd expect from services like Nitrado. With thanks to the support of our community on Patreon, we have been able to steadily grow our fleet of servers and machines over the past few years.

With the size of our competitive community, our servers do face the occasional attempt at being DDoS'd. Fortunately, with our robust mitigation protections installed directly on our infrastructure - not just a rented service - attempts to DDoS our servers are swatted away like flies, and you'll never feel a thing.  

Spotted something that looks like a rulebreak, or need admin assistance for more complicated issues? Our Discord supports a sophisticated ticket system within our #ark-reports channel. Tickets created are entirely private between staff and the ticket creator, and are processed as soon as a staff member is available. 

All servers inevitably crash, but thanks to our infrastructure, it is incredibly rare for ours to do so. If a server does, will be back up promptly. We also thoroughly test and vet our mods and plugins to ensure compatibility to guarantee a seamless experience.

In our clusters, players are rewarded with points that can be used to spend on in-game shop packs. Players can show and earn in-game currency with their support through events and gameplay, including playtime hours logged on our servers. Points will sync across a player's home cluster and will carry over whenever a cluster wipes. To connect your ARK: Survival Ascended account, use this guide!

To help us succeed in our vision, we invest thoroughly in our servers. Voting is a way for our community to give back with their support for Isla Nycta's Ark Servers. By upvoting servers, you increase the rank weight of them, which helps in attracting more players. Each vote will grant you web tokens to use in our shop, with bonuses for consistent voting, and a special Ark Voter role in our discord.

All admins are thoroughly vetted to ensure their experience, competence, and objectivity with assisting and moderating the Isla Nycta Ark Clusters. Furthermore, commands are logged and always visible for staff to review, in order to ensure authenticity and fairness. 

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