These premium shop packs are exclusively for the ARK: Survival Evolved PVE Cluster, and will not take effect on any other servers owned and hosted by Isla Nycta.

Please exercise caution when placing a purchase for boosted rates. 

Purchase of a Rate Boost applies a multiplier towards XP, Taming, and Harvesting for Players and Tames. The Boost will activate when the player is detected to be online and in-game and will last for 48 hours. This is real-time, not in-game hours!

Multiplier boosts are multiplicative against the original server configs. For example, the x2 boost on the Nycta PvE Ark servers will be multiplied against the x5 Taming and the x3 Harvesting and XP, to equal x10 Taming and x6 Harvesting and XP.

IMPORTANT - Buying the same Rate Boost multiplier while the original purchase is active will NOT extend the Boost period nor apply an additional multiplier.

Multipliers will stack additional bonuses. For example, a Patreon member at the Sub tier (x2) buys a Rate Boost of x4; they will now have a x6 bonus. Against the original server config, that ends up being x30 Taming and x18 Harvesting and XP!

Players will also be able to able to use a tame to solo farm. Use a flier to pick up any of the following tames and type /solofarm to get them swinging!

  • Ankylosaurus (all variants)
  • Doedicurus (all variants)
  • Castoroides
  • Mammoths
  • Mantises
  • Therizinosaurus

Every purchase comes with the agreement that you, the purchaser, accept that any server technical issues such as crashes, downtime, maintenance, DDoS Attacks, rollbacks, etc. that may cause a loss of said purchase will not be compensated. While these issues are exceedingly rare with our servers, the possibility is always there - this goes for every game server in existence.

All sales are final. If an issue has transpired related to your purchase, please create a ticket in our discord and describe the nature of your issue.