Assistance Requested

Please note, Isla Nycta supports its community exclusively in-game or within our Discord. If you are not a member of the Discord, please join us today and find our #ark-assistance channel! In order to view the rest of the ARK channels, you'll need to verify yourself through accepting our guidelines in #discord-rules, then assign yourself the @ARK: Survival Evolved role. 

From there, you can get assistance through the following methods:


In this channel, you are encouraged to make your inquiries here, such as asking about rates, maps, issues, crash reports, and so on. 


Did someone break a rule, or were you the victim of a rulebreak? Did you run into an issue with your tribe's leader becoming inactive, or did you lose a tame to a glitch? Did you catch an exploit, imbalance, or conflict with a config, mod, plugin, or the website? 

File a ticket with the ARK Reports Panel - be sure you have visual evidence to your claim, as we do not go off of word-of-mouth. Rewards are given to those who report exploits and mod/plugin/website issues.

@ARK Admin

Tag an  @ARK Admin for more important issues, such as servers being offline, unresponsive, or unstable, trolls or cheaters on the servers, and for all other critical incidents. 

Our ARK staff are experienced and eager to help; in the event that no ARK Admins are online and other non-ARK staff are unable to assist, please consider filing a ticket or leaving messages in #ark-assistance!

Please avoid DMing staff members (especially those without the @ARK Admin role) for matters that can be addressed in #ark-assistance, or in a ticket.