Harvest Amount - x3

Harvest Amount Multiplier

XP Multiplier - x3

XP Amount Multiplier

Taming - x5

Taming Speed Multiplier

Breeding - x5

Breeding Speed Multiplier

Wild Level - 150, 180 (Tek)

Stack Sizes - 10,000 stack cap

Stack sizes for all resources; weights are standard

All Items - Enabled

Max Tribe Members - 15

Max Amount of Tribe Members in one Tribe

Max Tribes Per Alliance - 5

Max Alliances Per Tribe - 5

Tribe Slot Cooldown - 30 seconds

The amount of time that must pass after a player leaves before another can take that spot

Uploading - Disabled

Downloading - Disabled

Uploading/downloading character data, items, and creatures in terminals

Vanilla Structures - Enabled

Turret Damage - 25%

Scaled turret damage against creatures

Gamma - Enabled

Adjust gamma settings through command console

Crop Growth - x1

Growth speed of farm crops

Server Restarts - Daily, at 12am PST

  • 15 minute announced warnings for automated restarts and mod/server updates. 

ORP Starts - 60 seconds

Offline Raid Protection (ORP) activates after the last member of that Tribe has logged off

Login Invincibility - 30 seconds

Length of invincibility for a player after logging in

Community UI - F2

Nycta community UI for rules, info, links, etc.

Shop UI - F3

In-game shop UI; connects to web shop