Create Shop Packs of Tames on the Web Shop, Removing them from the Rewards Vault Mod

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Regarding the desire to transition away from the Rewards Vault for certain content packs like tames, weapons, armor, and tools - it comes from having to deal with certain frustrating limitations imposed by the Rewards Vault mod, which are likewise eradicated by the Web Shop entirely. Issues like:
● Inflexibility and rollback with editing shop packs in the vault.
● Restrictions of only whitelisted admins being able to help players with Vault ARc discrepancies and delivery issues.
● Inability to apply cluster-wide role sync and support for special players in an automated fashion*.
● Easier for abuse and deceite regarding glitches in purchases.

With the web shop, we can address the issues listed above and more, including but not limited to:
● Custom creature shop packs that spawn tames with imprints, specialized stats, and a "Nycta" flair of coloration (some creatures ineligible).
● Greater flexibility for delivery of shop packs, including scheduling them to be delivered only when the player is online.
● Greater admin backend functionality, access, and logging.
● Changes and fixes can be implemented without requiring waiting for an admin to get online and stand at a vault.
● Additional support for modded creatures.
● Everything is hosted externally; no reliance on any mods (besides Dino Storage v2 for the tame deliveries).

But because this will require a tremendous amount of labor (for the creature packs alone, think of all the viable tames out there and multiply them a few times over regarding the load), I want to put out a poll to gauge community interest. Note, this does not mean that we will be removing the Rewards Vault mod entirely, nor should it depreciate ARc in its current vaule. But this is the first start to slowly transitioning away from the mod. If the interest of the community is more favorable than otherwise, I will begin prioritizing development of the web shop to support the features I want to include for you guys.

To give you all a taste of what to expect, I've already gone and set up a (PvE Cluster only at this time) shop pack for a "Nycta Achatina" that you can purchase, for free, a couple of times.