[PVE] - Remove the Crystal Isles Dino Additions Mod

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Hey guys, I have a proposition with you.

We're curious about the community's thoughts on the possibility of removing one particular creature mod: Crystal Isles Dino Additions. This mod adds a large number of "Crystal Variants" of various... qualities to the Isla Nycta PVE cluster, along with some ~~Unreal Marketplace~~ custom creatures. While not to thrash the efforts of the mod developer, the effects of this mod on the server haven't been very favorable. Many report issues with optimazation of some of the non-Ark creatures, along with performance drops because of certain effects of tames like the Ember Yuty, especially en-masse. In addition, the overspawning is an issue that continues to trouble us, even on other maps.

What I'm proposing is a community poll, to remove the mod and replace it with something new, or keep the mod.

If the mod is removed, all creatures and items from the Crystal Isles Dino Additions mod will vanish from the servers once they restart after the mod is removed. We will initiate a warning period for people to prepare for this event by vacating these creatures' inventories of precious items. If the creatures are soultrapped, the Dino Storage V2 will keep the "data" of the creatures in the soul ball, but they will not be able to be deployed or otherwise "recovered."

What mod could be better to replace it with than Paleo Ark, a mod designed by UpFromTheDepths to be both compatible with existing mods in the cluster (Shiny!, Ark Additions, and Kraken's Better Dinos) while not just improving on some vanilla creatures, but expanding them. In addition, the mod will be having special miniboss-type creatures that will be used as server events. You can check out the mod yourself and give it a spin in singleplayer.


Be sure to vote - the poll will conclude next week, August 20th, 2022.