Price: 100 tokens

1 Tame Paint token is added to the database, and is associated with your Steam 64ID.

  • /tptokens - Shows your token balance.
  • /stpr - Uses 1 token from your balance and randomizes the target dino color.
  • /stp "region #" "color #" - When looking at a dino uses 1 token from your balance and sets that region to that color. Do this for each region on the dino. Each dino only uses 1 token during its lifetime, not per region.
  • /savetp "name" - When looking at a dino saves the color scheme as the name (Saved color schemes are species specific).
  • /listtp - When looking at a dino, it will list all available saved dino color schemes for that species.
  • /loadtp "name" - When looking at a dino loads the color scheme of that name.

Video Guide on using Tame Paint tokens.

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