Price: 100 tokens

This brush is single use and can only be used to color one tame that you own. Approach a tame with the brush equipped and use it on them to bring up a UI HUD. You will be able to select that creature's available color regions and every available creature color! Hold down the RMB to move your camera and move your character for better views. If you move too far away from the creature, the painting session will cancel. Only click on 'Apply Color' when you are completely finished painting your creature, or the brush will commit to the changes and disappear.

Because it acts as an item, there is always the possibility that tame paint brushes can be lost due to server/client crashes, rollbacks, glitches, player theft, etc. In the event of any server wipes, tame paint brushes will not carry over like other tokens that are tracked via database.

Only deliverable on the Nycta - ASE PVE cluster!
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