Price: 75 tokens

1 XP Token is added to the database, and is associated with your Steam 64ID. Use of this token delivers a huge lump sum of XP to you or your tame. Please note that XP Tokens are not meant to cap out to max levels for tames or players, but are meant to give you a boost to give you just enough to keep things more fair. It may take a few seconds for the XP to 'show' on the stats page of yourself or your tame.

  • /xptoken self/tame - To apply XP to a tame, you will need to be mounted on it, or looking directly at it. The tame must be owned by your tribe. To apply XP to yourself, use the command while not mounted or looking at a tame.
  • /tokens - Checks your balance of XP Tokens.

This service/shop pack is exclusive to our ARK: Survival Evolved servers.

Only deliverable on the Nycta - ASE PVE cluster!
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