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First and foremost, thank you for considering to donate to Isla Nycta! Every contribution, whether it's a one-time donation or membership subscription, gets invested back into Isla Nycta for our dedicated server hosting, premium utilities like software subscriptions and plugin licenses, payment for our contractors, and funding for special Isla Nycta projects. As a thank you, we reward our players with specific points or services that can be redeemed within our community. Thank you for helping us to keep the lights on and allow for us to grow further.

Most purchases will not require a player to be online; instead, they will activate when a player logs in. Tokens can be "cashed out" as physical in-game items for the purposes of trade or consumption. Every purchase comes with the agreement that you, the purchaser, accept that any server technical issues such as crashes, downtime, maintenance, DDoS Attacks, rollbacks, etc. that may cause a loss of said purchase will not be compensated. While these issues are exceedingly rare with our servers, the possibility is always there - this goes for every game server in existence.

Isla Nycta has a no refund policy. All sales are final, and any unauthorized chargebacks will be subjected to administrative action. Any appeals for a refund must be made with a ticket in our discord.

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