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The Auto-Decay Grace Period is a customized system that goes beyond ARK's vanilla-game decay settings. Instead of being based on materials, this is system is based entirely on a player's activity. After a certain period of time, all structures and tames belonging to that tribe will disappear.

In order to activate your new grace period, you must log in after purchasing the tier you want. Allow for 5-10 minutes to pass before logging out. Use the chat command /decay while looking at your structures to check that the grace period is in effect, or type /groups in chat to see that you are in the Decay2Mo group; if your remaining amount of days appear incorrect, please fill out a ticket.

This package will change your tribe's Auto-Decay Grace Period from 14 days to 60 days. The database is shared between the PvE and PvP cluster. Grace periods are not stackable; your most recent Auto Decay Grace Period purchase will override the previous one.

Please note, while tames will no longer auto-decay at the standard 7 day rate, the system will not account for their depleting hunger meters. It is the tribe's responsibility to make sure that tames have plenty of food or are put away to avoid starvation. Tames that are left with breeding enabled and are found to be producing over what auto-collection structures can carry may be confiscated by staff.

Decay is based on the highest value between all tribe members based on the last login for each player.

How does it work?

Say a tribe has 2 members. Player A has the 14 days (default) decay timer, and player B has the 60 days boosted timer. Player B stops playing on the servers. Player A is active, and will be the last person of the tribe recorded logging in and out consistently. The tribe's decay timer will count down from 60 days of Player B logging out, until 46 days pass and there are 14 days left out of 60. With Player A being the last recorded tribemember, the tribe's max decay timer is reset to 14 days.

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