Genesis 2 Launch!


The Genesis pt 2 DLC has finally dropped. Please be sure to refresh Steam if you do not see the update. 

While we're all immensely excited for the content in Genesis 2, some people would prefer to discover Genesis 2's secrets on their own - for more spoilery reveals, please use #ark-spoilers-and-lore for the next two weeks. 

Tips on Preparing For New DLC Launches

There will be bugs, there will be crashes, there may even be rollbacks. We don't know how mods and plugins will behave with Gen2. Something that was working perfectly fine a few patches ago might be trashed by the new DLC. If you find something behaving strangely or adversely, please let us know so that we can investigate further.

Update spam. The first few days - if not weeks - of the new DLC will have multiple patch updates to deal with. Make sure you are keeping your game up to date. 

Be good to each other. Everyone progresses in their own way and own pace. No way is the "right" way. 

Tame downloads will be disabled for Gen2 for the 1st week. You will still be able to take players and items into the Gen2 maps, and take Gen2 tames out. After the 10th, you will be able to transfer tames into Genesis 2. 

Check #ark-server-information for an updated list of IPs.

I look forward to seeing you all in the servers. 


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