Fjordur's Release and PvP's End

Hello, Survivors!

It’s certainly been a while, and for that, I apologize for the lack of updates on my end. Progress marches on with migrating many shop packs to our web shop out of the Rewards Vault, but I do have more announcements to make!

First off… Fjördur! The latest DLC map designed by the legendary Neketus of Ragnarok and Valguero fame has just been released, and added to our PvE cluster! Character, item, and tame transfers are enabled.

Isla Nycta - PvE – Fjördur: steam://connect/

Remember, you need to download the actual DLC of Fjördur in order to be able to access the server map. Merely having the mod version of the map will not suffice. As always with new releases, please be prepared for frequent patch updates and potential downtime as Wildcard troubleshoots and hotfixes bugs that manifest post-release.

You can download the map here:

On to the next announcement. It’s no secret that the PvP cluster has been a desert for population for the past few seasons of gameplay. There are a few reasons for such, but I put the blame squarely on my own shoulders for not being able to deliver on supplying you all with excellent, entertaining servers for players to enjoy. Given the financial strain of Ark on Isla Nycta, the decision has been made to close down the PvP cluster. This was not an easy decision to come to terms with, but closing down the PvP cluster will allow for me to place my attention on the PvE cluster in a much more focused manner. And it’s entirely possible that the PvP cluster will return to us in the future, changed for the better to provide a fresh, unique experience, or manifest as special single servers for events.

Due to the billing cycles for our machines, the PvP cluster will close down Wednesday, June 15th at 12PM PDT.

Thank you all who have played our servers. See you out there, in the icy wilderness of Fjördur.

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