Last Wipe:
December 1st, 2021


● By entering the server, you are expected to have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the server. Failure to adhere to these rules may subject you to a temporary or permanent ban from the server(s) depending on the severity of the offense.
● Occurrences of potential or legitimate rule-breaking must be submitted to #ark-reports. We encourage all parties to maintain and submit as much evidence supporting their sides as possible to achieve clear resolution. Submitting evidence is mandatory, as we do not go off of word-of-mouth. If it is something that requires server-side investigation into logs, be sure to mention that in your report.
● We will operate on a five-strike system, adjusted from The Isle's report system to account for Ark: Survival Evolved.
• A singular person may accumulate up to four strikes on their record before they are banned upon the fifth strike.
• Strikes may be issued upon the completion of a valid report or by being witnessed in-game by an Isla Nycta staff member. Notifications of strikes will be made by in-game warning/kick, through Discord, or via our website's messaging system. If you feel that you have received a strike unfairly, contact NR or another Head Admin. In cases of tribe-wide strikes or warnings, the leader of the tribe will be contacted.
• In extreme cases, a complete wipe of a tribe's structures or tames may be required as a punishment, up to the discretion of either the Server Owners or Head Admin of the Isla Nycta Ark Servers.

● Isla Nycta Staff reserve the right skip all "warning" punishments and permanently ban someone that has proven to have no regard for our rules or community. If you feel you were unfairly banned, contact a Head Admin.

● Attempting to abuse loopholes in these rules may still result in punishment.

● We expect you to use common sense when playing here, as the rules would have to be 5 pages long if we clarified every grey area. If you have questions on if something is allowed or not, contact a staff member or don't do it.

● Names of tribes, players, and tames must be rated for "general audiences." This means no extreme profanity, discriminatory words or phrases, radical/political expressions, or obscenities, no matter how obscure in slang or alternative in spelling. This includes Steam names and paintings. Ark Admins will have the final say.
-- Attempting to disguise your tribe by renaming it as an existing tribe's name, for the purpose of raiding/griefing/etc. is forbidden. Pick a distinguishing name with dignity, but don't try and be clever with alternative spelling or symbols in order to avoid backlash.
-- People cannot be in multiple different tribe groups across the cluster. They need to remain under the same tribe name. But, for example, if tribe "BeachBobs" is only established on Ragnarok, Valguero, and Crystal Isles, and someone not from that original tribe establishes a tribe called "BeachBobs" on Extinction, then that's considered impersonation as well - and in cases of impersonation, Ark Admins will defer to the tribe name that has more seniority. We understand not everyone has all paid DLCs, and that it's sometimes difficult for tribes to establish themselves across all servers.
● Tribes must have the same tribe name across all servers. Players must also remain in the same tribe, with the same tribe mates, with the same name across the cluster they are playing on. Do not leave and join tribes for temporary purposes such as raiding, fighting bosses, completing missions, etc.; utilize alliances for that.
-- In cases of tribes merging or members joining, tribes must follow through on every server both tribes are established.
-- In cases of merging where one of the merging tribes is not established on a server, the tribe that is can change their name to the agreed-upon tribe name.
-- If a tribe member(s) leaves or is removed from the tribe on one server, they must be removed from all other servers that the tribe is established in.
● Cheating / bug-using / glitching / duping / meshing / DDoSing is forbidden and subject to banning if documented evidence is provided. This list is non-exhaustive; Isla Nycta staff reserve the right to have the final say.
● Attempts to circumvent any imposed limit (tribemember, alliance, tame, structure, etc.) are fobidden.
● "Insiding" is punishable. Insiding is defined as: a tribemember performs an action that is considered "treasonous" to the integrity of the tribe, such as unclaiming dinosaurs for others/rival tribes or stealing for themselves, dropping the inventories of storages, stealing/hoarding resources, lying, making secret deals with other tribes, and so on. In the eyes of Ark Admins, all property under the tribe's name belongs to the tribe owner, regardless of tribe politics and agreements, which includes and is not limited to: tames, resources, equipment, structures, and territory. Misdemeanours and grievances between tribe members must first be attempted to be resolved with the tribe owner and/or next in the chain of command. In cases of escalation, Ark Admins may be brought in to intervene. We encourage tribe owners/tribe admins to be smart and cautious with letting strangers into their tribes and to utilize structured tribe rankings and permissions/limitations.
● Auto-decay/destruction of structures and tames is enabled. To prevent "camping" of valuable real estate, tribes are expected to maintain activity and growth. If you (solo players) or your tribe (all members) plan or have an issue that will prevent you from being in the server for more than seven (7) days, please submit a ticket via the panel in #ark-auto-decay.
● If you, the tribe owner, decide to leave the server, you are required to pass ownership of your tribe to another tribe member.
● In-game trading for resources is allowed, as long as real life currency or goods are not included.
● Do not abuse the TCsAR mod, ~~voting rewards websites~~, or Auction House mod with cheats, dupes, glitches, etc. Evidence of such will result in bans from these systems, and possibly the servers.

● There are no official "safe spaces."
● Turret damage has been increased by x3 to cope with changing metas for bullet soaking.
● In addition, turret damage will also scale in damage output based on the amount of raiding and defending players.
-- Tribe A = 2 people
-- Tribe B = 4 people
-- Tribe B attacks Tribe A with 4 people. Tribe A gets 150% turret damage.
-- Tribe B moves 1 person away, so it's 3 vs 2. Turret damage = 125% damage.
-- Tribe B moves another person, so it's 2 vs 2. Turret damage changes to 100%.
● New players joining the server will be granted 3 days (72 hours) of "Safe Mode," also known as "PVE" mode. During this mode, new players and their tames/structures:
-- Cannot be damaged by other players, tames, or structures.
-- Cannot damage other players, tames, or structures.
-- Place C4 near enemy locations.
Turrets will not target Safe Mode players, but they'll shoot through them to hit PvP players right behind them. After the 72 hours are up, you are automatically switched to PvP mode.
● We have custom PvP and Raiding cooldowns that trigger when attacks are made against players, tames, and structures:
-- The PvP cooldown lasts 2 minutes.
-- The Raiding cooldown lasts 4 minutes.
● During cooldowns, players affected will not be able to "popcorn" items out of inventories, upload items/tames to terminals, drop blueprints, or utilize the "drop all" inventory ffeature. The cooldown does not stack, but refreshes with each new triggering event.
● If your tribe has been raided, you may be eligible for Safe Mode protections while you rebuild. PvP Safe Mode must be applied as a ticket submitted, with evidence, in #ark-safemode-submission. Once verified, a plugin will protect your tribe, so that you can rebuild in a certain time frame, depending on how big your base was and the extent of damage done. Once under Safe Mode, your tribe will not be able to:
-- Attack the tames, players, or structures of any other tribe.
-- Be attacked by the tames, players, or structures of any other tribe.
-- Place C4 near other tribes.
● Our custom ORP is configured to be regional, not map-wide, and is dependent on crafting and placing an ORP Structure - it is accessible at any level and can be purchased through the in-game Rewards Vault shop. The structure does not require power or fuel, and will only activate when every member in a tribe has logged out.
-- Tribes are limited to two ORP Structures, per map.
-- The ORP bubble covers up to a radius of 10000 units, approximately 33 foundations. Structures and tames left outside the bubble will not be protected.
-- By default, ORP is scheduled to kick in 10 minutes after the last tribe member logs out, without the tribe being affected by the PvP cooldown. If the last tribe member logs out with the PvP cooldown active, the ORP will not kick in for 90 minutes.
-- Turrets in ORP mode will have x5 damage multipliers and contain infinite ammo.
-- ORP will expire if a tribe has been consistently offline for more than 5 days. Everything once affected by the tribe's ORP will be vulnerable to attack.
● Exploiting/avoiding the customized ORP is forbidden. Raids of bases may start after the logout timer. Defenders combat logging as repeated occasions count as exploitation (for attempting to implicate the raiders for offline raiders or to continue the fight while protected under the ORP), are not entitled to protection, and may be punished. It is your responsibility to build protections for your base.
● Verbal harassment of players is forbidden, no matter if they are raiders, the raided, or bystanders. Behavior that threatens the community and atmosphere of the server will not be tolerated. Trash-talks are acceptable to an extent before they become considered targeting and harassment; staff will make the final judgement.
● Passive tames are acceptable targets, no matter if they are dodos or gigas.
● Raids are expected to commence and be over swiftly, and should not exceed an active siege period of more than 5 hours.
● Players may be imprisoned/handcuffed for up to 120 minutes/2 hours; the only exception is capturing players for the duration of a raid, but they must be released when it is finished. If the raiders/guards have to go offline, they must decide to either kill the prisoner or release them.